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More Details:

We specialize in medium to low volume machining applications. Our typical order volume will be from 5,000 pieces down. Higher volumes are acceptable, but the manufacturing schedule will be discussed with the client.

We have 5 CNC Lathes with a variety of capabilities:

  • 2 axis turning up to 16” diameter and 45” long

  • 4 axis (live tooling and Y axis) turning up to 12” diameter and 20” long

  • 8 axis (duel spindle and turret with Y axis)

We have 3 CNC Mills with various capabilities:

  • 3 axis full 3d milling

  • Full 4 axis with pallet changing capabilities

  • Full simultaneous 5 axis machining

We also have 1 production saw.

We have the capabilities to meet and exceed your machining needs. Give us the opportunity and we will find the solution.

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